Burma rejects rebels’ offer of deal for release of three captured soldiers

Maungdaw: The Burmese army has rejected the offer of armed rebels to make deal in order to release three soldiers who were captured and taken away by the rebels on 6th of November after an ambush attack, reported a source close to the army.

“According to the latest information received today, those three soldiers are still alive and the rebel side has proposed to the Burmese army to make a deal with them for the release of the soldiers. But the Burmese side have turned down their offer”, said the source on the condition of anonymity.

The armed rebel group is widely suspected as a Muslim outfit from Burma based on the Burma-Bangladesh border. The source however declined to disclose the name of the group.

The Burmese army is said to have responded to the rebels by demanding it free its soldiers unconditionally and immediately or that it will attack the rebel camps on border.

The border sources also said army personnel from Burma and Bangladesh have been holding talks on the border in order to secure the freedom of those three soldiers captured by the rebels.

The unknown rebel group ambushed and attacked four soldiers of the Burmese military construction force known as GE on their way back from the worksite on two motorbikes in the evening of November 6 in northern Maungdaw Township on the Bangladeshi border.

A mechanic of the force identified as Kyaw Kyaw Wai was killed on the spot while the three others including Sergeant Khin Aung Moe were captured alive and taken away by the rebels.

The Burmese authorities are said to have suspected a Muslim rebel group based in the neighboring country for the attack after finding three bullet-shells and one bullet from the AK on the spot of the attack.

Both Burma and Bangladesh have reinforced their forces along the border since the rebel attack took place on the Burmese side.