Burma is keen on security dialogue with Bangladesh

A Burmese outpost on western border.

A Burmese outpost on western border.

( Dhaka, 14 September 2013): Burma has shown interest in having a security dialogues with
Bangladesh, said a report published by The Independent on 9 September 2013.

Quoting the Bangladesh officials, the influential daily also reported that the Burmese government expects to  enhance the border cooperation between the two neighboring countries jointly addressing the trans-boundary smuggling and human trafficking.

In response to Bangladesh’s proposal to security dialogues dealing with the effective border management, the Burmese authority has shown interest to hold the important meeting with the government in Dhaka, said Bangladesh foreign secretary Shahidul Haque.

Mr Haque argues that such a dialogue will enhance the cooperation between the  two neighbours. The discussions are going on between the two governments in this regard, he added.

Bangladesh floated the idea in the seventh foreign office consultations during the foreign secretary level meeting held in NayPyiDaw, the new capital of Burma.

Bangladesh authorities believe that the drugs, including Yaba  with weapons are smuggled into Bangladesh from Burma that finally creates social and law & order problems.

The issue of human & drug trafficking through the international border is also understood as major problems for Bangladesh.

A security dialogue with Burma might help to address these problems to a greater extent in Bangladesh. The modalities of the proposed dialogue would be determined through the discussion between the officials belonged to both the neighboring countries.