Breaking the Curse report released at Yangon

Kaung Mrat Naing (Maung Taw)

Narinjara News, 24 March 2016


The debut ceremony of ‘Breaking the Curse’ report was recently held at Summit Parkview Hotel in Dagaon township of Yangon recently.

The ceremony, held on 22 March, witnessed the presentation of  primary aim and objectives of the report which include local people’s concern for various rights. It also included the decentralization of resource sharing practices and even halting of resource exploration until a peaceful resolution is adopted.

A lead presenter named Ko Tun Kyi representing the rural development association from Kyauk Pru informed that the report primarily focused on the emergence of a federal union and also self-resource management process.

“The local people had not received any benefit, but they faced enormous negative implications because of natural resource explorations.  Whether the repot would be beneficial for the local people, will only be determined by the authority,” added Ko Tun Kyi.

Not to speak of benefits, many local families were not even paid their due compensations. They were also not provided the facility of electricity at their residences. No visible development is recorded there, asserted the presenter.

Arakan Oil Watch director Ko Kyaw Khaing commented that no peace is reported in all those areas, where the natural resource exploration went on full swing. He argued that the exploration should be halted until peace is prevailed in those localities.

The report was prepared by Arakan Oil Watch with the support from various Rakhine civil society groups.

It mainly   emphasized on six major issues like pursuing sustainable peace, emphasizing on wide public participation, reducing the influence of Union government, decentralization of Centre’s power on resource ownerships, efficient management of natural resources, affective resource mobilization etc.