Boat capsized in Arakan, 4 drowned

(Narinjara: 9 October 2014)


At least four persons were drawn in Lay Myo river of Arakan, when a machine boat capsized on Monday, said the local authority.

“Besides 4 people died, 5 other passengers of the boat are still missing. The boat carries nearly 50 people on board, which sank in Lay Myo,” disclosed local authority sources in  Min Bya.

The machine boat was sailed from the village of Shaw Chaung and it was heading for the harbor when its rudder caught fishing nets under the water and finally it overturned.

Soon after the tragedy in Lay Myo, the second largest river of the State, four bodies were recovered from the river. The authority is looking for the missing passengers. Most of the passengers were rescued by the authority.

Ferry accidents commonly take place in the rivers of Arakan as most of the Arakanese people use small machine boats for transportation.