Bangladesh pushes back over 3000 Burmese within a year

( Teknaf, 3 July 2013) : Bangladesh continues to push back Burmese nationals and it is reported by the Bangla local newspapers. Quoting a battalion of Bangladesh border security force, the local newspaper disclosed that Dhaka has pushed thousands of Burmese nationals in a year.

Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB), stationed in Teknaf, a southern most bordering town of Bangladesh with Burma has reportedly sent back 3306 Burmese nationals within 1 June 2012 to 30 June 2013.

A BGB official named Major Kamarul Hassan based in Teknaf revealed the statistics in a press briefing on Tuesday in Teknaf. Major Hassan informed that his battalion BGB No 42 detained 3316 Muslim citizens from Burma in the last 13 months when they entered into Bangladesh territory without legal documents.

Among them, 3306 persons were pushed back to Burma while the rest 10 people were handed over to Bangladesh police to take actions according to the law of the land.

Along the south-eastern border of Bangladesh with Burma, there are four BGB battalions and the above mentioned figure of 3306 Burmese nationals is only from the BGB No 42 based in Teknaf.

The BGB battalion also seized a huge volume of smuggling goods worth Taka 237689680 (1 USD = 78 Taka) within the stipulated period. The battalion had to charge 1354 lawsuits against 135 persons in the court of Cox’sbazar district.

Moreover the battalion has seized a number of drugs mostly WY Yaba tablets worth Taka 145089900 during the patrolling exercise in a year. Besides the WY tablets numbering 483663, different kinds of alcohol bottles numbering 37324, opium 208 kilos also were seized by the battalion in that period.