Bangladesh bound 70,000 Yaba tablets seized in Sittwe

Yaba tablets seized

(Sittwe, 4 February 2014): Around 70,000 pieces of Yaba tablets were seized by the Sittwe police in the Arakan capital city, while the drugs were about to be transported to Burma’s western border town Maungdaw by a ferry ship on Sunday.

WY has been identified as the producer of Yaba and it would be worth Kyat 200 million, said a police report adding that a person has already been detained in connection with the offence.

Later the police could arrest two more persons from Kyaung Gyi Land ward of Sittwe along with 500 additional  Yaba tablets.

The police suspect that the seized Yaba tablets were likely to be smuggled to Bangladesh through the Maungdaw border point.

The police report said that the Yaba tablets were produced in Burma’s northern province of Kachin and then transported to Sittwe.

The Arakan province of Burma has slowly turned into a transit place for smuggling Yaba tablets to Bangladesh. Many people have been arrested by the police in Sittwe and Maungdaw localities recently when they tried to smuggle Yaba through the border town of Maungdaw with the help of Naff river that separates Burma from Bangladesh.


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