Arrestee for Maungdaw Unrest Produced in Court in Sittwe

Sittwe: Dr. Tun Aung (a) Nur Haque, who is being held in Sittwe Prison after being arrested in Maungdaw was produced in the district court in Sittwe, the capital of Arakan State, on Tuesday.


“He was produced in the court around 2 pm on Tuesday. We went to the court to listen to the hearing, but we were not allowed to enter the court and we had to listen from the outside did not heard anything”, said an administrator from Sittwe on condition of anonymity.

He said a female lawyer from Rangoon served as a defense lawyer for Dr. Tun Aung in his court hearing.

“A female lawyer from Rangoon arrived to serve as defense lawyer for him and police were deployed in and around the court. It is learnt that the next hearing was set for the coming week”, he added.

It is still not known on which charges Dr. Tun Aung is being tried and to what extent he gets freedom for his court proceeding though Narinjara has been inquiring.

The authorities arrested Dr. Tun Aung around 12 pm on 11th of June from UNHCR office in Maungdaw accusing him for the violent unrests that occurred starting from 8th of June in Maungdaw.

It is learnt that Dr. Tun Aung asked permission to hold the prayer ceremony for peace on 8th of June in Maungdaw from the authorities with the promises that he would take responsibility for any problems concerning the ceremony.

Daw Mya Nandar Aung, daughter of Dr. Tun Aung and a senior employee of the UNHCR, was also arrested along with her two companions on 11th of June at the airport in Sittwe, but she was released after a brief detention at the airport on the same day.

Narinjara has received similar reports that U Kyaw Hla Aung, a Muslim and an employee of AZG (Doctors without Borders), was arrested and recently put on trial in the court in Sittwe, but still could not confirm the reports independently.