Army officer, lady relative arrested for possessing bullets in Arakan

( Kyauk Taw, 9 July 2013) : A senior Army officer with a woman have been arrested by the police in Kyauk Taw township of Arakan State for allegedly possessing hundreds of bullets.

The authority had first detained Ma Aye Kyi from Landmadaw ward of Kyauk Taw township and following her exposes, the police arrested Army corporal Kyaw Wai from Light Infantry Battalion 374 based in the township, said local police personnel and villagers.

The lady Ma Aye Kyi from the village at upper Kalandan river was caught by the police as she was found with 300 bullets with the intention to sell those in a nearby a village.

The Kyauk Taw township women’s network had received prior information that  Ma Aye Kyi was going to sell various items like swords, knifes, slingshots, arrows to the residents of Paik Thay Muslim village.

Ma Hla May, president to Kyauk Taw township women’s network revealed that those illegal small arms were prepared by Ma Aye Kyi’s blacksmith father U Tha Hla. The members of women’s network always kept an eye on the activities of Ma Aye Kyi.

On 7 July, a resident of Landmadaw ward informed the women’s network that Ma Aye Kyi left her home with some illegal items. Getting the clue, the members of women’s network followed her and finally intercepted Ma Aye Kyi from the Kyauk Taw town. Form her possession the women’s network members could recover 300 bullets. The women’s network president Ma Hla May then informed the police.

While interrogating the lady, the police found some important clues that she got all these bullets from the Army officer Kyaw Wai, who is her brother in-law. The police recovered more bullets (around 46 rounds) from the residence of Ma Aye Kyi. Later the police arrested Corporal Kyaw Wai from his place.

The police confirmed about the arrest and disclosed that ‘among the recovered 300 bullets, 250 bullets are from the brand of 5.5 mm and the rest from 7. 62 mm brand’. The interrogation with both the accused is going on the Kyauk Taw township police station.