Arakanese team to help monks injured in protest crackdown

Sittwe: An Arakanese team has reportedly left for Sagaing on Monday with the donations contributed by the Arakanese at home and abroad in order to help the Buddhist monks injured in violent protest crackdown at Let Pan Daung copper mine.

The team is said to be led by Dr. Aye Maung, the President of the Rakhine Nationalities Development Party, and also included the central committee members of the party, U San Kyaw Hla and Lawyer Daw Aye Nu Sein.

“We will start our trip this evening. We have planned to donate 50,000 kyat to each injured monk and a total of kyat 5 million will be spent from our donations for the monks”, said U San Kyaw Hla, a member of the team, before leaving for Sagaing.

He said those donations were collected from Arakanese well-wishers living in Arakan State and abroad for the monks injured in the protest crackdown.

The RNDP has also issued a statement on 2nd of December concerning the violent crackdown on the camps of protestors who had been peacefully calling to halt the copper mining project at Let Pan Daung Mountain.

The RNDP said in its statement that the party and the Arakanese people are very sorry for the monks and people who have been injured in the violent crackdown.

The party’s statement also urged the government to take action against those who are accountable for the protest crackdown, to review the losses and suffering of local villagers and damages to the environment, which were caused by the project, to take full responsibility for the medical treatment for the monks and people injured in the crackdown, and to respect the people’s desires with regard to the project.