Arakanese monks demonstrate in Sittwe

Sittwe: Arakanese Buddhist monks held a peaceful demonstration on Wednesday at the ground of the Pyi Lone Shan Thar Pagoda in Sittwe, the capital in Arakan State, in order to show their support for the monks and people who protested against the Lat Pan Daung copper-mine project.

photo by RSV

photo by RSV

“We hold this demonstration to show that we are together with the monks and people who protested against the copper-mine project”, said Ven. U Nyarna, a monk leader of the demonstration.

About 60 Buddhist monks participated in the demonstration chanting prayers for those who have been injured in the authorities’ violent crackdown on the peaceful protest against the copper-mine project.

“We have also prayed for those monks and peoples who have been wounded in the violent crackdown for their quick recovery and good health”,said U Nyarna.

“We feel very sorry for those injured monks and peoples. Those monks and peoples protested against the project not for their own gain. They have just stood by the sides of the people and fought for the benefits of the peoples who are suffering from that project. The violent crackdown on them is totally unacceptable. Such incidents should not be repeated again while the country is moving forward with the democratic reforms”, he added.

The monks are also said to have issued a six-point statement concerning the violent protest crackdown on the peaceful protestors.

They have also urged the government to make a public apology to the monks and people injured in the crackdown, to support free and adequate medical treatments for the injured, to immediately release the protestors arrested during the crackdown and to take action against the officials and forces who were involved in the violent crackdown.

Peaceful demonstrations were also held in Yangon, Mandalay, Monywa, Pakokku, Pyiy, Pathein, Sagaing and other regional cities to condemn the violent crackdown on the copper-mine protestors.