Arakanese farmers demand compensations, submit memorandum

( Kyauk Pru, 20 June 2013) : The oil and gas pipelines, laid by the Chinese petroleum company from Arakan to Yunnan province of China, are reportedly ready for operation. But the issue of compensation to many Arakanese families for their loss of land and livelihood remains unsettled.

Arakan Gas-pipeline

It came to light when thirteen farmers from Kyauk Pru township of Arakan State submitted a memorandum to the local authority demanding their compensations from the Chinese company.

The villagers from Kyauk Pru forwarded the memorandum on Wednesday to the township authority asking their compensation packages as they had to lose their agricultural lands and also livelihood due to the oil and gas pipelines, informed U Thanda Maung, a social activist of the area.

He specified that U Than Khin hailing from Kyauk Kha Mauk village under Grun Gri village tract in Kyauk Pru township led the group of farmers to submit the memorandum to the township administrator at noon.

Their sole demand is to get the compensations, U Thanda Maung added.

Not less than 26 farmers from Kyauk Kha Mauk village had lost many acres of farm & orchid lands because of the construction and lying of the pipelines. In average each farmer had to lose 2 or 3 acres of land for the oil and gas pipelines project.

Half of the villagers had however received the compensation packages. Now the rest has raised voices for the same.

According to a source in the agitating villagers, the local authority accepted their memorandum but did not commit anything to them on the matter.