Arakanese Dies from Injuries Due to Army Torture

Mrauk U: An Arakanese man from Mrauk U, the ancient city of Arakan, died in the hospital on 24 July with injuries sustained during torture by the army, said  a relative of his.

Photo View of Mrauk U

He said that 58-year-old U Maung Tha Nu died at the Mrauk U Township hospital at 8 pm on 24 July, a day after being hospitalized with some injuries that were received from torture by the Burmese army.

U Maung Tha Nu was arrested by army personnel on 22 July from nearby his home when he was illegally taking electric wiring from a home that had been destroyed in the recent unrest.

The army personnel, led by Corporal Tun Min, brought him to their temporary station located at Zina Manaung Pagoda after his arrest, and he was severely tortured while in detention.

“His suprapubic region was hurting when he arrived he arrived back home from army custody. Some soldiers had jabbed him in that area with guns during his arrest. He was hospitalized the next morning on 23 July, and a day after he died from his injuries,” the relative said.

According to the source, the family members of U Maung Tha Nu are now discussing with prominent community leaders whether to file charges at the police station or not.

U Maung Tha Nu was buried on Wednesday. He is survived by his wife and 10-year-old daughter.