Arakanese community leaders to meet Burmese Parliamentary chief

( Sittwe, 23 September 2013) : The leader of Burmese Parliament is scheduled to listen to various issues related to Arakan, a western province of Myanmar (also known as Burma), when a group of Arakanese community leaders would make their representations to him next week. The discussions should include various issues like Arakan’  security, stability & rule of law, the issue of power & transportation and a sustainable development model for the State.

Thura U Shwe Man, the speaker of Myanmar Union Parliament has already extended the invitation to the Arakanese community leaders representing various  townships of the State to discuss on different Arakan affairs on 29 September next, informed a community leader.

The speaker U Shwe Man has invited three delegates from each township of Arakan, which has happened for the first time in the history of Burma,  to participate in the discussion which will be held in Rangoon, the former capital of the Southeast Asian country.

The meeting will begin at 9 am in the International Business Center, where  delegates from all  17 townships of Arakan are expected to be present, said U Than Tun, a nominee from Sittwe township for the meet.

“In the invitation letter, the speaker U Shwe Man mentions about three important topics to be discussed in the meeting. First topic is Arakan’s security, stability and rule of law affairs. Second topic is the issue of power and transportation. Third topic is a sustainable development model for Arakan with an aim to encourage the Arakanese young generation in their capacity building initiatives,” revealed U Than Tun.

He also added, “The issue of security, stability and rule of law affairs are vital for us to discuss in the meeting. Moreover, we will discuss other development issues with the honourable speaker.”

A prominent Rakhine Thahaya Athin leader based in Rangoon, disclosed that they would discuss the issue of development activities in Arakan, as the State is identified as one of the poorest provinces of Burma, which has 7 divisions and 7 States.

The leader of the largest Arakanese social organization also added, “Our State is rich with natural resources but still we are a poor province in Burma. We have a huge volume of  natural gas, portion of which has already been sold to China by the central government in Naypyi Daw. But we have not received enough revenues out of the resources. So we will present all these issues to the speaker of lower house.”

Though U Shwe Man is not in the cabinet of Burmese ministry, the Arakanese leaders expect that the initiative would be helpful for their State, as he can pursue  all the issues with the present Burma government.