Arakan Youths Union – Japan denounces re-arrest of eight Mrauk-U youths

Narinjara News: September 28, 2018

by -Soe Zan Aung (Toungup)


The Arakan Youths Union– Japan has denounced the government for re-arresting eight Mrauk-U youths after they served their sentence for taking part in the protest.

The Sittwe Township Court gave an eight-month sentence to the youths but they were released as their detention period was counted in the imprisonment. However, they were re-arrested on the same day and charged under Section 16 of the Union Flag Law.

“A protest march was held on January 16 in relation to the literary talk issue in Mrauk-U. Seven Rakhine youths lost their lives. Other eight wounded youths were arrested. The arrested youths were charged under Public Property Protection Act. They were given an eight-month sentence. They were released after serving time on remand. It’s an insult against the entire Rakhine people to arrest and charge them again. That’s why we are denouncing it,” Ko Win Naing, information officer of the Arakan Youths Union, said to Narinjara News on September 26.

In the statement, the association claimed that it was an ungraceful political act to file an additional charge against the released eight Rakhine youths and demanded the National League for Democracy (NLD) government to immediately halt the oppression of the Rakhine people.

The association also warned the Rakhine people to be cautious against the government’s ploy.

On behalf of the Arakan Youths Union, Ko Win Naing said he believes the authorities are deliberately trying to instigate the Rakhine people to stage a riot.

He added that the Arakan Youths Union – Japan will stage more protests against the re-arrest of the eight released youths and stand by their side.

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