Arakan State Parliament’s emergency meeting held for three issues

Sitwe (Narinjara)

25 January 2016


An emergency meeting of Arakan State Parliament is being held in the capital city of  Sittwe from  21 January 2016 to discuss about three important issues, said Arakan State Parliament’s vice chairman U Tha Nyunt.

“The meeting has been organized for discussing the budgetary allocations to 23 Arakan State government departments for the 2016-2017 financial year. Moreover two regional administration laws will also be approved in the meeting,” informed U Tha Nyunt.

It will be the last meeting of Arakan State Parliament that may continue for few days.

The State lawmaker from Myay Bon Township, U Aung Won, informed that Arakan State government had asked for Kyat 250 billion from the Union government at Naypyitaw, but it has approved only Kyat 145 billion. The budgetary allocations will be distributed among 23 State departments, he added.

U Aung Won however pointed out that the Union government should have granted more funds to Arakan, as it is one of the least developed States of Burma (Myanmar).

Reduced budgets may hamper the developmental activities in the poverty stricken State in west Burma, he asserted.