Arakan Parliament to discuss extra allocation of 19 billion Kyats

( Narinjara News, 13 November 2014):

Parliament of Arakan state.

Parliament of Arakan state.

Arakan State Parliament is scheduled to discuss the matter of extra allocation of 19 billion Kyats (1 USD=1000 Burmese Kyats) in the Union budget for the fiscal year (2014-2015).

The western State of Burma (Myanmar) had requested 46 billion Kyats as extra allocation from the Union budget for the 2014-2015 financial year, but the Union budget  allocated only 19 billion Kyats, informed U Tha Nyunt, deputy house speaker of Arakan State Parliament.

“Altogether 19.599 billion Kyats of extra allocation was provided in the 2014-2015 Union budget though we wanted more. Now we are discussing on the 19 billion Kyarts budgetary allocation in the State Parliament session starting on  November 11”, he added.

The budgetary allocation of 198 billion Kyats for the 2014-2015 financial year for Arakan State government from the Union government have already been used in the development works of 17 township projects. The Arakan government argued that it needed 46 billion Kyats extra budget to complete all the projects of the developing State.

“The extra 46 billion Kyats was required by 12 departments under the Arakan government, but those received less than half of the amount. Now we have to decide the next course of actions in this regard,” stated U Tha Nyunt.

He however added that over 15 billion Kyats  of extra budget was already disbursed by the Union government for completion of the projects. The extra allocation (of 15 billion Kyats) in the Union budget was materialized only for two States of Burma namely Arakan and Kachin.


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