Arakan National Convention to be held in April 2014


( Chiang Mai, 9 Nov 2013) : The Arakan National Convention is scheduled to take pace in coming April somewhere in Arakan State of western Burma, as the decision of many significant Arakanese leaders, who gathered in Chiang Mai of Thailand, goes.

They leaders representing various Arakanese entities had agreed on the national convention in a preliminary meeting which was held in the Thai city during 5 to 7 December last.

“We had agreed to hold the national convention in April next year in a town of Arakan. We also decided to invite all Arakanese people for the convention,  who are working for our people & our nation politically and socially,” said Saw Mra Razarlin, the president of Rakhine Women Union, who attended the meeting.

Several prominent Arakanese leaders, who arrived there from inside and outside Arakan State, represented various political parties like RNDP, ALP, NUPA,  AASYC, AA,  RWU etc in the preliminary meeting and discussed the issue of national convention thoroughly.

The meeting also formed the convention holding committee with some sub-committees for the national convention to carry out various programmes successfully.

“We had formed the convention holding committee and some sub committees in the meeting. The organizing committee is going to invite everyone who was not only politician but also community leader across Arakan State as well as other areas of Burma and even from abroad. The convention is expected to adopt politics for various national affairs,” added Saw Mra Razar Lin.

U Tha Ban, a senior Arakanese politician argued that a national convention for the Arakanese was the need of the hour as the nation was passing through a critical period. The Arakanese should discuss and resolve many issues relevant to the State and its people in a national convention, he added.

“We will discuss several issues in the convention like how can we achieve peace & stability in Arakan,  how can we go for developmental activities in our State, and finally how we can amicably resolve the matter of sharing natural resources between the Burmese central government and Arakan State government,” concluded U Tha Ban.

Another prominent Arakanese leader, U Hla Saw, who is the  general Secretary of Rakhine Nationalities Development Party (RNDP), expressed optimism about the proposed convention and hope that it would form an active body to lead the  Arakanese people for the future in different fields like politics, economics and social facets.