“Arakan National Capacity Award” ceremony held in Kyaukphyu

Kyaw Win, Kyaukphyu

Narinjara News, 12 February:


An award ceremony for the “Arakan National Capacity Award”, which is given by the Arakan families living in the United States, was held at Mular Rama Monastery in Kyaukphyu yesterday (12 February).

Kyaukphyu Rural Development Association’s chairman Ko Maung Aye (who is currently in prison) and Writer Ko Wai Hin Aung from Wun Latt Foundation have been awarded the Arakan National Capacity Awards for 2016.

“Ko Maung Aye has been given Arakan National Capacity Arakan Thar Kaung Award and Sayar Wai Hin Aung was given Arakan National Capacity Literature Parahita Award. Each awardee has received one-tical golden gong and 500,000 kyats,” said an organiser of the award ceremony.

Ko Maung Aye’s wife Daw Hla Thein Shwe, his daughter Ma Ni Ni Hlaing (a third standard student) and his son Maung Nann Pyan Min received the award while Ko Wai Hin Aung personally received the award.

Ko Maung Aye is serving a two-year sentence in Kyaukphyu Prison on charges of having contacts with the Arakan Army.

“We feel encouraged after receiving such kind of recognition. I have never expected to receive such kind of award. I want to thank the Arakan [people] living in the United States. These people have ‘Wun Latt Spirit’. People who have ‘Wun Latt Spirit’ do this when they see that people from their area are starving no matter how far away they are living now. Even though successive governments have ruled the country from the British colonial government to the existing government, the Arakan people are still enslaved. I will serve whatever duty I have been given. No other country and race can build our country if we don’t build it ourselves,” said Writer Ko Wai Hin Aung.


“I am proud for the Arakan nationalism because the Arakan family from the United States have given the awards. Both the awardees are respectable persons. I want to thank the Arakan family for giving the awards,” Ko Maung Aye’s brother Ko Hla Tun Kyaw said on his behalf.

The Arakan people living in the United States provide the Arakan National Capacity Awards with the aim to nurture Arakan people who sacrifice for the country and the people.

According to the statement released by the group, Ko Maung Aye has been awarded for his bravery in standing up for the Arakan State and the Arkan people and Writer Wai Hin Aung has been awarded for selflessly and valiantly carrying out the duty of literature and charity works for the Arakan State and the Arakan people.

Ko Tun Kyi, a coordinator from Kyaukphyu Rural Development Association, said: “On behalf of the association, I want to give my thanks for the Arakan National Capacity Award. I believe we will be able to work harder for the Arakan future. Although the association’s chairman Ko Maung Aye has been imprisoned, he is marching on the path of survival in line with the path of the heroes without losing hope.”

The award ceremony was supervised by Kyaukphyu Rural Development Association and around 300 people were seen in attendance.


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