Arakan has solved only 17 land confiscated cases

Narinjara, 21 August 2014:

Gulf ground in Taunguo

Only few land confiscated cases have been resolved by the authority in Arakan. Statistics reveal that 17 out of 212 land confiscated cases were solved by Arakan State government so far. It shows the inability of the government in Sittwe, said U Aung Win, a lawmaker from Mraybon Constituency (no 1).

“There are many land confiscated cases with the government which have not been resolved by the State authority till today. Even some cases, which were already solved,  are alleged to be resolved without proper guidelines under the law,” he added.

Most of the land confiscated cases reported in Arakan are related to the Burmese Army, which are mostly involved with farm land grabbing. Some cases are related to the local  businessmen, who have indulged in the practice with the help of few corrupt officials, revealed U Aung

Also added, in some cases, where the Army has already handed over the land, but those lands are yet under the control of some middlemen, and thus it has been preventing the farmer to get back their land.

According to the government sources, most of the land confiscated cases have taken place in Pauktaw township, Myaybon township, Minbya township, Thandway township and Gwa township of Arakan in western Burma.

Days back, U Aung Win raised the issue in the tenth Arakan State Assembly meeting. The session is in progress since  August 15 till September 5 next. He also appealed to other legislators to submit their proposals in this regard to resolve the land confiscated issues under the law of the land.

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