Arakan Blacksmith Arrested for Making Guns

Mray Bon: A blacksmith was arrested by the army on Wednesday in the central town of Mray Bon, Arakan state, as he was making a gun in his blacksmith’s forge, said residents in the town.

The blacksmith is U San Aung Kyaw, age 60.

U Pe Than, a representative of the lower house in Mray Bon Township, confirmed the incident for Narinjara via phone.

He said, “A team from the Burmese army arrested him on the basis of information given by his neighbors.  I heard that a gun and some instruments for making guns were seized by army during the arrest.”

He was reportedly handed over to the police department by the army after the arrest.

“He is now in the interrogation cell after police took seven days to remand him from the township court,” U Pe than said.

U San Aung Kyaw is likely to have made the gun for self defence and security because he is living in the Muslim quarter of the town.

According to resident sources, he is a former guerrilla and he has enough skill to make handmade guns.