Ancient inscription found in Kyauk Taw

Kaung Mrat Naing (Maungdaw)

Yangon, 20 September:


Recently found some objects with ancient inscription while digging a jetty at Kyauk Taw town of Rakhine should be useful in carrying out further studies of Arakanese literature & culture, said Thu Mrat (Maha Aung Myae), an Arakanese  history researcher.

The inscription, found on 13 August 2015, is in the square shape. The height of those items is four feet, where only one side of those inscriptions is seen inscribed. Some faces of those items also got damaged and become invisible.

According to Maha Aung Myae the inscription should be belonged to Mrauk Oo age. The contents of the inscription include Buddha images, slaves, buffaloes and other animals. Such ancient inscriptions are often found in different parts of Arakan.

Maha Aung Myae believes that these items would be helpful in propagating the Arakanese literature and culture. He of course expressed displeasure that some of those items had been traded in black market as there is no systematic preservation of ancient ruins in Arakan.

Speaking to Narinjara News, the Arakanese author argued that these inscriptions prove that Arakanese people had enjoyed a long time and uninterrupted affinity towards the Theravada Buddhism. Finally, Maha Aung Myae emphasized on scientific preservation of all ancient ruins of Arakan for the benefit of the future generation.