An Armed Group from Bangladesh Opens Fire in Arakanese Village

Rathidaug: An armed terrorist group illegally entered Burma from Bangladesh and opened fire on local residents of Kalarchaung village in Rathidaung Township  of Arakan around 2:30pm on August 14.

Kalarchaung village is located on Mayu peninsula, southwest of Rathidaung Township, Rakhine State, Burma.

One female teacher in the village reported, “Two small commuter boats carrying groups of gunmen approached our village. A young kid fishing saw them. He immediately reported the approach to the local residents.  The news caused local male adults including my brothers to grab anything they have to fight them back. Unfortunately, all we had is knives and hand-made swings called “John-ghali”. As the villagers arrived to face the gunmen, the gunmen started to shoot the villagers.”

She continued, “According to the villagers, there were about 18 men on the boats. After they opened fire on the villagers around eight or nine times, they ran away leaving one of their commuter boats behind.”

They found a Bangladeshi flag, a picture of boat owner who seems to be the citizen of Bangladesh, a certificate with a female photo, a hat and a diary written in Bengali were found on the boat. The villagers transferred the boat and evidence to the Township police station in Rathidaung.

Seizing evidences on the boat.

A police officer from Laungchaung village station also testified about the Bengali gunmen showing up at the village and opening fire on the local residents. He also mentioned that police and the military were cooperating in order to find the gunmen who escaped.

The female teacher also noted, “Local residents from Kalarchaung village believe that gunmen came from Bangladesh due to the evidence they left and the fact that the village is geographically closed to the commuting route between Burma and Bangladesh.

The village rests on the bank of May-yu river which meets Bay of Bengal.

An Arakan state Government source confirmed the incident and said the authority seized a machine boat and other evidence suggesting that the armed gunmen are entering from Bangladesh presumably to rob cattle.

Security has been beefed up in the area by the authority after the incident.