ALP cadres detained by Burma Army

(Narinjara News: 27 June 2014)


Signing ceremony between ALP and Arakan state government

Two comrades of a ceasefire Arakanese armed outfit have been detained by the Burmese Army personnel, while they entered into the Burma territory from a neighboring country, alleged Arakan Liberation Party (ALP).

The ALP cadres are under detention of the Army since 16 June 2014, said a statement issued by the armed outfit.

The detained ALP members have been identified as Medical Sergeant Khaing Htwee and Aung Shwe Mra from the Battalion 9 of Arakan Liberation Army, the armed wing of ALP.

The Burma Army has disclosed the detention of 2 ALP members reportedly after a gun battle that too k place in Burma- Bangladesh border areas.

However the ALP leader Saw Mra Zarllin denied the information about any battle with the security forces. He claimed that the ALP members were arrested while they came inside Burma to buy some machine tools.

Saw Mra Zarllin expressed dissatisfaction that the Army has made the incident a propaganda, which could have been avoided for a ceasefire armed outfit.

A column of Burma Army belonged to the Light Infantry Battalion 232 & 289  had arrested the ALP members from a nearby location to the Lapawa Army outpost, opposite to Bangladesh Boro Modoke village during their routine front line duties.

“We expected the Army officials including Arakan State border affairs minister  U Htin Lin would discuss the matter. However we are yet to get an appointment with them,” added Saw Mra Zarllin.

Mentionable is that the ALP is an important ceasefire armed outfit among 16 ethnic armed groups in Burma, which has signed the ceasefire agreement with the Burmese authority.

However, it is yet to get the opportunity to sign the deal with the Union Burma government.

In the ceasefire process of Burma, every outfit has to follow two important steps- one in province level and other in national government level.

The ALP leaders also claimed that the authority remained unfriendly to the ALP members and they were subjected to tortures during the interrogation process by the Burma Army.

Now the ALP leaders plan to hold a meeting with the government authorities in this regards at Myanmar Peace Center of Yangon, disclosed Saw Mra Zarllin.


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