ALD Alleges Overseas Organizations Involved in Renewed Violence in Arakan

Yangon: The Arakan League for Democracy (ALD), a leading Arakanese political party, said in a statement that some overseas organizations have allegedly masterminded the recent violent unrest in Arakan.

“We, the ALD, have issued this statement because some organizations abroad are believed to have instigated the current problems occurring in our Arakan State”, said U Myo Kyaw, the secretary of the party.

The party issued a six-point statement on the 25th of October. The third paragraph of the statement said there are reasons to believe that sectarian violence reoccurred in Arakan State due to the machinations of overseas organizations.

When asked about the reasons for this belief U Myo Kyaw said, “Similarity of time and manners have been found when the incidents were being reviewed. The incidents in Mraybon and Kyaukpru are found to have been carried out at the same time and in the same manner. Those incidents have also reoccurred shortly after the OIC’s entry was blocked. So, it is calculable that there were subsequent instigations behind those incidents, and we urge no such further instigations.”

He also said his party worries that the conflicts will spread to other areas and regions due to the manipulation of those overseas organizations. However, he did not mention the organizations by name.

The party’s statement said that the Bengali set fire to their own houses as well as to Arakanese houses. This arson was found to be the root-cause of the communal violence in a number of townships in Arakan State.

Many Arakanese reportedly believe that the Muslims set their homes on fire to attract international attention to their issue as they want to get international assistance and aid in order to survive.

It also said that Burma is now transitioning into democracy by pursuing reforms and changes and the spread of such violence will derail or cause hindrances to this process.

So the ALD has urged foreign organizations not to encourage in any activities that will hurt the sovereignty of Burma, and not to instigate any actions that will derail the democratic transition.