A Mission from Malaysian NGO KP1M Arrives in Arakan

Sittwe: A humanitarian mission from Kelab Putera 1 Malaysia (KP1M) flew into Sittwe via Yangon on Sunday in order to distribute relief to victims of recent sectarian violence in Arakan state.

According to sources, the mission consists of 14 members including five Malaysian monks, one doctor, two journalists and two photographers.

A report said that the five Malaysian monks visited Damathuka monastery, located in downtown Sittwe, where they met six Arakanese senior monks. There the two parties discussed issues related to recent violence and ways to achieve peace and stability in Arakan.

Meanwhile a cargo ship, the Shwe Thu Wan, docked on Monday at Sittwe port, bringing along with her 500 tonnes of aid from KP1M.

Witnesses said the aid is being loaded on to trucks and then transported to refugee camps in the area.

The aid is mainly targeted for Muslim victims who are living in camps on the outskirts of Sittwe but some is also reportedly marked for distribution among Arakanese refugees.

KP1M president Datuk Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim stated that the mission will not interfere in Burmese politics, and that its intention is to help the Muslim community in Arakan. Some Arakanese (including politicians), however, are watching their activities closely to determine whether or not they are related to politics.

In Sittwe, there are 70000 Muslim refugees and over 10000 Buddhist refugees sheltering in refugee camps which have been opened since violence broke out in June this year.