88 – Rakhine Generation Social Development Organisation holds press conference in Sittwe

Phyu Hnin Wai

Narinjara News, 6 February:


The press conference and Arakan journalists covering the press conference

The 88 – Rakhine Generation Social Development Organisation (RGSDO) held a press conference on its annual meeting at the Ariyan Hall in Sittwe at 10 am on 5 February.

The 88-RGSDO has been established with League of Rakhine Students and Youth (LRSY), which was founded after the 88 Uprising in Burma, and former students and youths that went abroad including the All Burma Student’s Democratic Front (ABSDF).

Ko Khaing Sann Aung, a former officer-in-charge of the ABSDF (Arakan) who has been elected as general secretary of the 88-RGSDO, told the press that the organisation discussed issues on peace and stability of the Arakan State, regional development, cooperation with other allied organisations, national solidarity, cooperation with Arakan social organisations on issues concerning the lack of transparency in extracting Arakan natural resources, and cooperation for Burma’s peace and the 21st Century Panglong Conference.

“The 88 Arakan Generation Organisation took part in mediating the merger of the RNDP (Rakhine Nationalities Development Party) and the ALD (Arakan League for Democracy) at the Salween Conference. We consider this as a big accomplishment for our nationalism. We have also cooperated with the 88 Generation Peace and Open Society from Rangoon to expose the confiscation of farmlands in Ponnakyun. We have collected donations as much as we can for the Arakan people affected by war, fire, and flood,” said U Than Naing, an advisory member of the 88-RGSDO.

According to him, the LRSYC was established before the 1990 Election, but it only strived for the unity of Arakan political parties without entering the election. Now, the 88RGSDO will uphold the policies of the ASYC and strive for the unity of Arakan political parties and unity of the Arakan people.

“We, the 88 Rakhine Generation Organisation, have been indivisible with the public. We have been indivisible in the past and we will continue to be indivisible. We will always be indivisible in line with the public desire,” expressed U Aung Thein, chairman of the 88-RGSDO.


The annual meeting of the 88-RGSDO was held from 4 to 5 January and a four-pointed statement has also been released.

The four points in the statement area – (1) to cooperate with the Arakan State government, Arakan State Hluttaw, political parties, allied social organisations, and international organisations for the peace and stability and development of the Arakan State, (2) to cooperate as necessary for the solidarity of the Arakan national people, (3) to urge respective government and companies to have transparency in the extraction of Arakan natural resources, and (4) join hands with ethnic brethren in cooperating in the union peace processes and the establishment of a future federal union.

The organisation has been restructured at the annual meeting with five advisors, fifteen central executive committee members, and nineteen members.

Photo caption: The press conference and Arakan journalists covering the press conference


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