8 People Killed in Bus Accident in Arakan

By Maung Aye

Thandwe: Eight people were killed in a vehicle accident on Friday in Thandwe, a southern town in Arakan State, report local and police sources.

Road in Arakan state ( Photo by Narinjara)

“In the accident, five women, one man, and two boys were killed and many other passengers were injured,” said a police officer in the Thandwe police station.

The accident took place around 3 pm on Friday when the bus was traveling to Taungup from Thandwe with 30 passengers on board.

“The bus overturned near Nabin Village between Thandwe and Taungup but I am unable to tell you details on why the bus had the accident because our police team has not returned from the scene. A team of police went to the area to inspect the accident,” the police source said.

According to Thandwe hospital sources, three people have been hospitalized there with serious injuries while other patients with minor injuries have been hospitalized at Shwe Lay unit hospital.

This is the first time this many people have been killed in an auto accident on the Thandwe and Taungup motor road, the police officer said.