7 year old girl raped and killed at Shwe Gas Project in Kyaukpru

Kyauk Pru: A 7-year old local girl was killed after being rape by a worker from a construction site at the Shwe Gas Project on Madae Island in Kyaukpru in Arakan State on Sunday.

The culprit Bamar Chay (a) Ka Tone was brought to Kyauk Pru police station from Madae Island last three days ago. One of local resident snapped the photo. (Photo- Coral Arakan)

The girl is identified as Su Mya Soe San (a) May Gyi, daughter of U Chan Maung from Mee Kyaung Yae Thauk Village in Kyaukpru Township.

A local resident from Madae Island told Narinjara that a worker identified as Bamar Chay (a) Ka Tone who hails from Irrawaddy Division who has been working at the Chinese worksite on the island is suspected of the girl’s rape and murder.

“The girl’s family is from Mee Kyaung Yae Thauk Village. Her parents are also workers of the Chinese construction worksites here on the island. She was killed after being raped at the worksite in Kyaukmawgyi. The man suspected for the crime is also a worker in that worksite. He is known as Bamar Chay from Irrawaddy Division and a deserter of the Burmese army”, said the resident.

He said he has seen ruptured belly and injuries on the head of the girl’s body.

The local police are said to have taken the girl’s dead body and the suspect to Kyaukpru from Madae Island.

When contacted by Narinjara, the police officer on duty from Kyaukpru Police Station said they do not know about the incident and to contact the police station directly on Madae island.

A resident from Kyaukpru however said the girl’s body is being kept in the hospital in Kyaukpru.

“The girl’s body has already arrived and still being kept in Kyaukpru Hospital. The authorities seemed to be worrying that the problem will escalate in the area. So, the police are trying to keep the case secret,” said Kyaukpru resident.

He said that the local people in Kyaukpru feel sorry for the girl as her news is spreading widely in the area.

Madae island is the heart of Shwe gas project where the Chinese construct a deep sea port, oil tanks and many other buildings related to Shwe gas project.