5 abandoned homes set on fire on western border

Maung Daw: Five abandoned houses were set on fire on Monday by a group of instigators in Maungdaw Township, probably intended to create conflicts among the people in the area , said a government official.

Maungdaw city watch tower

Nearly ten instigators from Zaw Matet village in Maungdaw Township secretly approached some abandoned houses located at near Kai Gyi village in the night and later set fire to them.

The incident took place around 8 PM on Monday but later security forces took control of the situation.

A witness from Kai Gyi village said that the instigators fled the spot just before the Burmese army stationed in Kai Gyi village reached the area.

The houses were abandoned by some Muslim villagers after violence broke out in Maugdaw Township in June.

Police in Alay Than Gaw station confirmed the incident but did not to disclose the identity of abusers as it said the police are investigating the incident.

In June’s violence in Maungdaw Township nearly 500 houses was set on fire by Muslim rioters in the village of Kai Gyi along with other nine villages.