300 years old stone script found in Arakan

Mrauk U, 20 December 2014:

Centuries old stone scripts

Centuries old stone scripts are found in an Arakanese palace which might threw more light on the history of Rakhine people.

The precious stone script, understood as around 300 years old, was found at the palace ground of Mrauk Oo, an ancient cultural city of Arakan Kingdom, said an official of the archeological department.

“It is true that the stone scrip was found. But it is not a complete structure. Anyhow we have put it in our department” informed U Aung Kyaw Zan, the in-charge of State archaeological department.

The script was sculpted by 1074 Arakan era (1712 AD) and the character of the alphabet is found circular in nature that shows its appearance in Mrauk Oo period, added the responsible officer.

The local people disclosed that the stone script was found in the eastern part of the palace ground while digging for repairing on December 8 last. Almost half of the square-cut stone scrip was damaged which had an area of four square feet and thickness of  five inches.

“We found it during the digging on the floor steps for repairing” confirmed Daw Khin Than, the director in-charge of preserving ancient cultural heritage association.

The content of the script was similar to these lines like 874 waning of the Nattaw, His Majesty the King Sanda Wisaya, The pagodas and statutes were destroyed, Insurgency in all around the country etc.

The Arakan Kingdom witnessed a massive turmoil in 1000 Arakan era. The unrest faced by the then King Sanda Wisaya was probably scripted in the stone, commented U Maung Thein, secretary of preserving ancient cultural heritage association.

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