3 teens drowned in a boat tragedy during water festival

Mrauk U: 3 teens drowned when a machine boat capsized after having been struck by heavy wind in the middle of Laymyo river  in Mrauk U Township in Arakan state, on Tuesday.


The tragedy took place in the evening around 4 PM when they returned back home from other villages after visiting there to perform  in the Thingyan festival, known as the water festival, held every new year in Rakhine/Myanmar Era .

The fatalities were identified as Ma Ni Ni win, 13 and Ma Aye Myint, 13, from Chaung Thit village and another youth Ko Maung Win, 17, of Pi Bin Gon village. All villages are locate at  Mrauk U Township.

A witness from Gon Kyaunt village said that the elder people advised them not to across the River because there were heavy waves with strong winds. But the head in the group did not follow the elders’ suggestions.

When the machine boat reached the middle of Laymyo River between Gon Kyaunt and Sin Ou village, the boat capsized with heavy waves.

9 people were onboard the machine boat during boat capsizing but 6 people were recused/saved by villagers from nearer villages on the river.

All victim bodies were recovered in the morning from the River after the boat was capsized.

According to local sources, there was heavy rain with big hailstones on the day at Mrauk U Township. A 30 year old man said he has never seen such hailstones before through his life.