3 arrested looting for rice from a machine boat

Kyauk Taw: Three people were arrested on Thursday by police in connection with rice looting from a machine boat on Kaladan River in Kyauk Taw Township in Arakan, said a rice owner and local politicians.

Kyauk Taw jetty

“ Police arrested three people from Paik The Muslim village accused of the rice looting which took place on Kaladan River but I do not know their real names,” said U Soe Nyein, a law marker of Arakan state parliament.

A machine boat was looted by a group of miscreants around 25 near Gasipanadi bridge on Kaladan River at 6 PM on 23 January while a machine boat transported 49 bags of rice to Kyauk Taw from the rural village of Apauk Wa.

“ The miscreants looted 49 rice bags from the machine boat just after the boat was caught on fishing nets. During the looting, there was only a machinist on the boat but he managed to escape from the boat,” said a daughter of  the rice owner.

The rice bags were owned by U Aung Thein and Daw Thein Nu Sein of Apauk Wa village in Kyauk Taw townnhsip where a rice mill belongs to them.

“ Police retrieved 11 bags of rice from them ( miscreants) after arresting them but other rice bags are still missing. My mother went to Kyauk Taw to look for the rice bags along with police,” the girl said.

Narinjara contacted with police station in Kyauk Taw over the phone to confirm the arrest and incident but police officers denied to comment replying that he has no right to tell to the media.