3 Arakanese Dead Recovered near a Muslim Village

Mrauk U: The bodies of three Arakanese that had been missing since October violence were recovered on Saturday near a Muslim Village in Mrauk U Township, said volunteer social activist in the Town.

Arakanese refugees in a monastery of Mrauk U (Photo- BBC)

He said that the bodies were recovered at a place near Pa Rim Muslim village after Muslim villagers agreed to return them to the Arakanese Buddhist community.

“We demanded several times that the Muslim villagers hand over the bodies in order to bury them in accordance with Buddhist custom. At last they (Muslim villagers) agreed and pointed out the location where the bodies were veiled,” the activist said.

The three Arakanese were killed in a deadly clash between Buddhists and Muslims which took place in Pa Rim Muslim village between the 22nd and 24th of October. The dead were identified as U Hla Tun Sein (60) from Laung Pun Prauk ward, U Maung Khin (49) Kyat Zi ward and U Maung Bu Chay (42) from Myim Kaungdan ward from Mrauk U.

The families of the dead men were unable to identify them due to the conditions of the bodies.

“We brought the bodies to Mrauk U Township hospital morgue on the day. After an autopsy, they were buried in Mrauk U Township’s graveyard in the evening,” he said.

In the Pa Rim village’s clash between Buddhists and Muslims, at least 20 people from both sides were killed and many more injured.