26 Bengali prisoners handed over to Bangladesh

(Narinjara News, 20 March 2014/ Maung Aye)


Photo by Bangalanews 24

The Burma authority has handed over 26 Bangladeshi nationals to its neighboring country, whose jail terms were over there. According to the Bangladesh authority, all the prisoners were handed over during a flag meeting held on Wednesday in Maungdaw.

Attended by 7 delegates representing the border authorities of each neighboring countries, the flag meeting successfully concluded in the western Burma border town.

It is the second time within a year when the Burma authority has taken the initiative to hand over Bengali prisoners after completion of their jail term in that country. Earlier 75 Bangladeshi nationals were released and handed over to the Bangladesh authority on  July 11 last.

According to the reliable sources, most of the Bangladeshi people were arrested by the Burma authority after they intruded Burmese territory on fishing trails.

Besides handing over of the prisoners, the Maungdaw flag meeting also discussed many border related issues including trade, trafficking, security and smuggling.

Mentionable is that 133 Burma born Bengali nationals were pushed back by the Bangladesh border security force (to Burma) in February 2014, when they illegally entered into the Bangladesh territory.