25 Burmese Muslims sent back to Arakan

(Photo- Internet)

(Photo- Internet)

(Teknaf, 27 Dec 2013): The Bangladesh authority has sent back 25 people to Arakan of western Burma after they were rescued from a capsized boat on Naff river which demarcates the boundary of Burma and Bangladesh.

According to official sources, a group of 25 Muslims from Burma was rafting on the river flowing along Teknaf  on Thursday morning, when they were rescued by the Border Guard Bangladesh.

The boat they were using was almost capsized on the river, following which a mobile team of BGB battalion based in Teknaf rushed to the spot and rescued all 25 riders.

Later the BGB personnel sent them, who were Muslim and hail from Sittwe, back to Arakan in the same evening.

Lt Col Abujar Al Jahid, Commander of Teknaf 42 Battalion confirmed that the rescued persons were sent back to Burma.

A woman in the group named Amjad Khatun, 55 informed the Bangladeshi officials that they left their place for Bangladesh about six months back.

On Thursday morning, they were returning to Burma by the boat, which got stuck as the engine of the vassal went out of order. The boat was then slowly sinking in the river water, when they were finally rescued by the Bangladeshi forces.