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Tun Min Khant

Rakhine student leader faces new case

A prominent Arakanese student leader faces a new case for his involvement in a protest demonstration against the authority.

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U Gambira

Call for release of U Gambira

Parliamentarians from various southeast Asian nations have raised concern at the re-arrest of pro-democracy leader U Gambira by the Burmese authority on alleged immigration offences. They also called on authorities to ensure an immediate and safe release of the former monk, who had sacrificed a great deal to support the Burmese people’s fight for democracy.

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Huge volumes of Yaba tablets seized in Burma & Bangladesh

Respective authorities of Burma (Myanmar) and Bangladesh have seized a huge volume of Yaba tablets, said government officials.

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Signature campaigning for amnesty to two Burmese nationals in Thailand launched

Voices for sparing two Burmese nationals from death-row in Thailand get momentum as a signature campaign has been launched in Arakan.

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More Arakanese youths enter into Arakan police net

More Arakanese youths, suspected to be involved with insurgent activities, were arrested in western province of Burma (Myanmar) in recent time, said eye witnesses.

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Ancient stone inscription found in central Arakan

An ancient stone inscription was found at Ann township in central Arakan recently, when a monk started digging a well inside a monastery at Ruu village of the western Burmese State.

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