Farmers Complain of Incomplete Compensation for Pipeline

Kyauk Pru: Some 49 farmers from Kyaukpru Township in Arakan State have lodged a written complaint to the concerned authorities for not receiving the full amount of their respective compensation for their farmland that was lost to the gas pipeline in the area.

One of the farmers told Narinjara that it has been nearly four months since they were paid half of their compensation with the promise that the remaining half would be paid after 15 days, but they have not received it so far.

“The local authority team came to our villages on the 14th Waxing Moon Day of Thakinkyut (11 OCtober, 2011), and paid half of the compensation that we will get for our farmland lost to the pipeline with the promise that the remaining amount would be paid after 15 days. But so far we have not received the remaining compensation and that is why we have to write the matter to the concerned higher authorities,” said the farmer.

The farmers are from the villages under Krattin Village Group in Kyaukpru Township and they reportedly addressed their letter to the township administrator and sent copies of the letter to the Regional Chief Minister, the Chairman of State Parliament, the State Administrator, and the Rakhine Nationalities Development Party.

While speaking to Narinjara over the telephone, the farmer read their complaint letter as follow:

1. We are farmers living in the villages of Thaphankhar, Thaprutaung, Pyatae, Krattin and Shwemaw under Krattin Village Group in Kyaukpru Township.

2. We have lost our life-earning farmlands as the pipeline from the Shwe Gas Project has crossed over them.

3. We were paid the half the amount of compensations for our lost farmlands by the responsible officials on 14th Waxing Moon Day of Thadinkyut (11 October 2011) with their verbal promise that the remaining amount would be paid after 15 days. But we have not yet received the remaining amount of that compensation to date.

4. We have not only become landless but also suffered from great losses as our farmlands were covered with ripe paddy harvests when they were confiscated and bulldozed for the pipeline corridor.

5. We therefore would like to request you to take necessary steps for paying the remaining compensations to us with your kind considerations for our difficulties and sufferings.

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