20 million cubic feet of Shwe gas opted for Arakan consumption

Shwe gas

(Yangon, 2 August 2013) : Burma will deliver around 400 million cubic feet of natural gas to China, where as nearly 100 million cubic feet of Shwe gas will be kept for its local use.

The Burmese authority has disclosed about it through the government run media outlets recently adding that 20 million cubic feet of Shwe gas would be used in Arakan State.

The media report reveals that the concerned Burmese authority has planned to transport 20 million cubic feet of natural gas, extracted from the Shwe Offshore gas field to Kyaukpyu in Arakan, 23 million cubic feet to Yenangyoung and 57 million cubic feet to Taungtha located in central Burma.

The authority has however not divulged more about the use of natural gas in these projects.

Mentionable is that since July 29 last, 100 cubic feet of natural gas per day has been transported through the gas pipeline on way to Chinese province Yunnan. Once the pipeline will be completely ready, 500 cubic feet of natural gas would be transported daily.

The Burma-China natural gas pipeline has the inside diameter of 40 inches and it is 793 km long. The pipeline is capable of transporting  1200 million cubic feet of natural gas daily. It can withstand 1450 pounds of pressure.

Two inaugural ceremonies relating to the gas pipeline were also organized on  July 29 in Yangon and Mandalay. One function was marking the start of delivering  gas from Shwe Offshore Natural Gas Project at OGT in Kyaukpyu of Rakhine (Arakan) State that was organized at Inya Lake Hotel of Mayangon township in Yangon.

The other function marked the completion of the installation of Myanmar-China natural gas pipeline at control station in Amarapura township of Mandalay division.

Vice-President U Nyan Tun attended both the ceremonies along with other ministers and officials.

The Chinese Vice-Minister Zhang Yunqing responsible for National Energy Bureau, the Korean deputy Minister for Trade, Industry and Energy Jin Hyun Han, CEOs and other responsible officials from Daewoo, ONGC, GAIL, KOGAS, POSCO and SEAGP were also present on the occasions.

In the Shwe gas project is a joint-venture consisting of six companies from China, South Korea, India and Singapore.

Earlier the authority planned to hold a function in Arakan too where U Nyan Tun was scheduled to attend, but it was cancelled due to bad weather. Hundreds of villagers from 23 villages were demonstrating in Lake Khamaw village of Kyaukpyu township following the news of Burmese Vice-President’s arrival there, but they got frustrated as his visit was canceled in the last minute.