2 Arakanese Migrant Workers Murdered in Malaysia

Dhaka: Two Arakanese migrant workers in Malaysia were killed by unknown assailants on 21 July as they were traveling to a location to look for work, said a source from an Arakanese organization in Malaysia.

“Malaysian police informed us over the phone that two Arakanese were murdered near their station and they had the bodies. When we went to the police station, we found the bodies of the two Arakanese,” said Ko Min Aung Naing, who is a central committee member of the Arakan Refugee Relief Committee.

The victims were identified as 38-year-old Ko Soe Naing, son of Maung Maung Chay from Kyin Daung Village in Pauk Taw Township, and U Kyaw Thein, aka Maung Soe Aung, from Bodi Gon Village in Maungdaw Township in Arakan.

“Their bodies were found by police at Ulu Lungat Anpang Township after a Chinese man informed the police station nearby. They had left the area of our office on 18 July to look for new jobs. We had tried to contact them by phone many times but no one ever answered it,” Ko Min said.

He added that many Arakanese in Malaysia believe they were killed by an unknown miscreant group that is targeting the Arakanese community for murder in Malaysia.

In the past, some Arakanese have been similarly killed, but Malaysian police were not able to reveal the culprits,” said Ko Min.