10 Arakanese arrested in June violence acquitted

Kyauk Taw: 10 Arakanese, who were arrested in June’s violence, were acquitted on Friday from Sittwe Second District Court, said U Aye Maung, who is one of those acquitted.


Photo: Kyauk-Taw.

Photo: Kyauk-Taw.

U Aye Maung said that Sittwe district court passed the verdict to them on Friday after 25 witnesses were scrutinized by the court during the trial period.

They all are from Nagara village in Kyauk Taw Township, located at upper Kaladan River and they were arrested by Burmese army battalion No 375 based in Kyauk Taw on 16 June 2012.

“The army arrested us with the accusation that we were involved in the attack on Muslim villages in Kyauk Taw Township. But actually we were not involved in the attack and we are innocent. So the court freed us at last without any punishment,” said U Aye Maung.

The 10 Arakanese were charged by authority with many lawsuits (Acts) including murder cases under act 302, destruction of homes and properties under act 436 and helping crimes under act 144.

In Kyauk Taw Township, violence took place between Rakhines and Muslims in June and October last year. During the violence, many home were burned down and 25 people were people were killed.The violence also left over 1000 families homeless and nearly 100 people were detained by law enforcement.

In Sittwe prison, 15 Arakanese from Kyauk Taw township remain there looking for the court verdict for their cases.